Background Services

Our Services

  •  Local, State, Federal Criminal Records
  •  Motor Vehicle Reports
  •  Education Verification
  •  Employment Verification
  •  OIG/HHS Checks
  •  Credential / License Checks
  •  Professional Job References
  •  Credit Reports
  •  Sex Offender Checks
  •  Social Security Scans
  • National Criminal Database
  •  Visa Checks
  •  Import/Export exclusions
  •  Workers Compensation Records
  •  I-9 Verification
  •  Civil Records
  •  Drug Testing

Other Services and Programs

  •  Risk Management Reports
  •  Employee surveys
  •  Integrity testing
  •  Exit interviews
  •  Behavioral assessments
  •  Employee development programs
  • Global Watch List
  • International Criminal Records
  • International Credit Reports
  • International Education and Employment Verification

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The Facts


Employee Dishonesty

  • Over two thirds of applications contain false information.
  • Nearly 12% of all applicants have criminal records.
  • 60% of small business failures are due to employee dishonesty.


  • Employers are being held increasingly accountable for providing a safe work environment.
  • Complex State and Federal laws require a screening company that can keep you compliant
  • Many industries are required to utilize more industry-specific background check programs; including healthcare, food producers and processors, import/export businesses, and transportation to name a few.

Theft & Fraud

  • Experts estimate that over 33% of retail losses are due to employee theft.
  • There is a direct correlation between crime and drug use.
  • Fraud and abuse cost US firms more than $100 billion annually.

Workplace Violence

  • As workplace violence increases, so too does the reach of the negligent hiring tort.
  • Statistics indicate that between 2 – 3 million workers annually are victims of violent workplace crimes.
  • Companies pay an average of $300,000 per incident resulting from workplace violence.

Drug Abuse

  • 1 out of 6 workers has a drug problem
  • Over 50% of workers comp claims involve substance abuse.
  • Employees that abuse drugs are absent 16 times more often than those that don’t.

Employee Assessments

  • Companies are using “behavioral profiles” for help in hiring as well as employee development.
  • Most Fortune 1000 firms and mid-sized companies are now using some sort of predictive behavior/personality assessments as part of their employment screening program.
  •  Surveys indicate that these tools have been helpful in hiring and developing candidates to perform at a higher level in almost every organization.