About Us

About Us

Introducing Vereda Global Employment Screening, the innovative full-service approach to Human Resource and Loss Prevention management. Vereda revolutionizes human resource strategies with its PathScape suite of comprehensive screening and assessment services.

Pioneering the full-circle model of employee evaluation, Vereda operates on the principle that effective human resource management starts with making the right choice and further relies on ongoing employee assessment to develop superior performance.

Rather than follow the conventional route of providing companies a glimpse at a prospective employee’s history, Vereda delivers a continuum of employee evaluations and developmental tools.

Vereda’s model of Human Resource and Loss Prevention management begins with initial pre-employment screening that fits the unique business risks that you face. We can then establish ongoing screening as needed throughout the employee’s tenure with your organization. Vereda’s services also encompass employment aptitude assessments, management guidance and organizational training and development.

Vereda delivers powerful products that will increase workplace efficiency, morale and profitability.

Rick Capaldi, Ph.D., CEO, has over three decades of experience in organizational development and workforce education. Providing developmental training to countless organizations, Dr. Capaldi’s efforts have greatly improved his clients’ workforce efficiency while meeting the changing needs of today’s employment landscape.

Stephen H. Loomis President and COO, brings to Vereda his more than 30 years of experience in retail management as well as 15 years at the helm of Vereda.. Formerly the Vice President of Loss Prevention at The Home Depot, Stephen has proven his adept management and organizational skills to the more than 1000 employees that reported either directly or indirectly to him. His expertise lies in employee hiring and screening practices, organizational development and strategic planning.

Alisa Mallory, Manager of Client Services has more than 5 years of experience in our industry providing outstanding customer service to insure the right client experience. She is an excellent partner and resource for all of our clients and works closely with the data services and sales teams to ensure “across the board” customer satisfaction.

Vereda’s executive staff work closely together to develop value-based Partners-in-Business. These alliances will help to ensure long-term partnerships and state-of-the-art one-stop shop processes in the field of human resource development and employment screening.

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